Car Of The Month - September 2021

For the month of September 2021, I would like to congratulate Amy S and her 2019 Camaro 2SS "Nemesis".  Amy is a Camaro enthusiast like many of us, but she is also an author of a children's book called "Who Said Cars Are Just For Boys?" promoting girls to get involved in cars.  For those members with young female relatives, this is a great book to share with them. As everyone knows, this club is not about the cars, as much as it is about the great people we have here.  Here is Amy's story:

Mods & Special Features: 

Tan convertible top with a Kahlahari Corvette interior

NY5: What attracted you to the 6th gen Camaro?

        AS:I lost my mind when I saw the tan top against the Summit White body and then they opened the door and when I saw the interior, I knew I had to have her!!! Granted at the time I had a beautiful 2015 Commemorative Edition Camaro in Red Hot, named "Redrum", and I adored that car but there was just something about this one having such a classy Jackie O' look to her like a sleeper.

NY5: I know you've had a few cars, what has been your favorite to date?

       AS: This is a very hard question because I have had a 84 Z28, 91 RS, 2012 RS convertible, 2015 2SS, 2015 2SS, 2015 2SS Commemorative Edition, now my 2019 2SS convertible. If I had to choose my favorite I would say Redrum but my 84 Z28 is a very close second.

NY5: What is your favorite modification or dream modification for your car?

        AS: My dream modification would be to have her cammed with headers and exhaust.

NY5: What are your thoughts on a 7th gen Camaro?

        AS: I hope to see a 7th gen. I would be heartbroken to see Camaro go away again.

NY5: What feature or features would you like to see Chevrolet/Team Camaro add or delete from the Camaro?

       AS: I want to see the design incorporate an early second gen look to it. I would also like to see T-Tops, I love those!!

NY5: What is your favorite memory with your car so far?

       AS: My favorite memory with Nemesis so far has been the first time I let my daughter, Sierra, drive her. The smile on her face just melted my heart.

NY5: Hearing about your book certainly intrigued me, what inspired you to write the book?

       AS: My life growing up as a little tiny girl that could hear an exhaust and tell you what car it was, which was deemed normal for a much older guy to do, was the start of being unique as most little girls my age of 7 were not into that stuff.  It was the start of a struggle I battled for years and that was the battle of the sexes. I never did understand why that was taboo or weird so to say and my mama would tell me all the time  "You're a girl not a boy and should act like a girl", I responded with hands on my hips, "If God wanted me to be like every other girl he would have made me that way". I knew I was different and I knew I had to fight for equality at that point. I kept going to car shows and auto stores with my dad and getting a slurpee when he would race someone in mama's Galaxie, to keep me quiet! I got my mama to come around and accept my uniqueness as well as others in school. Basically the book is my life growing up.

NY5: Did you enjoy writing the book?  Do you have plans to write another one?

       AS: I loved writing the book because I had heard so many people say there was no other book like it and it needed to be written. I have the second one in the publisher's office currently and it is a follow up to Who Said Cars Are Just For Boys?, it is titled Little Miss Hot Rod.

NY5: Do you have any words of wisdom for the other Ny5thgen members?

        AS: The best words of wisdom I can give anyone is NEVER let anyone detur you from your dream. Do what makes you happy even if it is different  because Im sure there are plenty of others like you out there somewhere thinking the same thing and that is that they are alone. Know you are not alone!