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Car Of The Month - January 2020

For the month of January 2020, I would like to congratulate Gil M and his 2012 2SS/RS Camaro Transformer Edition ''Bumblebee'!  As everyone knows, this club is not about the cars, as much as it is about the great people we have here.  It's great to have Gil part of our family.  Here is Gil's story:

Ny5: What attracted you to your Camaro?

GM: I’ve always Loved the Camaro, when I was a young man I always had these types of cars. When the first Transformers movie came out I took my son and wife. When that yellow Camaro rolled out, me and my son fell in love with it. My son was a Transformers fanatic so that sealed it, I had to get Bumblebee . My son had just turned six he was crazed with the idea of Bumblebee living with us, me and my wife concocted this whole elaborate scheme to surprise him when we brought Bee home but that’s a whole long story which I love to tell just ask me.

Ny5: How did you find NY5THGEN?

GM: I had just put in the LED taillights and was having trouble with them hyper flashing, so I was searching forums looking for a fix. I came across NY5thGen and they helped me solve the problem. I then went down to Friday night meet at Dave & Busters and the rest was history.


Ny5: What is your favorite modification or dream modification?

GM: I love the Vertical doors and the Nightowl lights Cisco put on for me at his shop. As for the next mod I’m not sure yet but I’m open to suggestions.

Ny5: What is your favorite Ny5thgen event?

GM:  I like all the events my favorite was the Barbeque at Heckscher park. See all those Camaros together was a great sight.

Ny5: What are your thoughts on the 6th Gen Camaro?

GM: I like the 6th gen a lot I think it’s a really hot car.

Ny5: What feature or features would you like to see Chevrolet/Team Camaro add or delete from the Camaro?

GM: Voice commands

Ny5: What is your favorite memory with your car so far?

GM: I was watching channel 12 news and this mom was talking about needing a bone marrow transplant for her young son who had cancer. The boy was playing in the background with Transformers an Optimus And Bumblebee. So I show up at the testing site with Bee just by chance if the boy was there, he wasn’t but the parents came out and saw the car and told me how there son would have loved him. Six months later the mom was resourceful and with the info I had left tracked me down through Facebook and wanted to pay me to show up for her son’s party I told her forget the money me and Bee would be glad to come. Well she called me when I was around the corner and told me he was outside in a bumble bee costume taking Pictures with his back to the street. I pulled up behind him and hit the electronic no-weeds cutouts and the engine roared, the Halos were on the little guy went crazy. It made me feel great to be able to do that with just a car and the magic of a young ones mind who brought it to life.

Ny5: Do you have any words of wisdom for the other Ny5thgen members?

GM: Make as many good memories as you can those good memories can be your mark on this world.