Car Of The Month - Jan 2021

For the month of January 2021, I would like to congratulate Eric R and his 2011 Camaro 2LT "Hawk"!  As everyone knows, this club is not about the cars, as much as it is about the great people we have here.   It's great to have Eric part of our family.  Here is Eric's story:

Ny5: What attracted you to your Camaro?

ER: I’ve always been a diehard GM fan. I have always had a Chevy from the day I got my license; from a 1993 Cavalier, to a 2008 Impala, and now with my Camaro. If the day ever comes when Hawk is no longer with me, he will be replaced with another Chevy. I’ve had my eye on the LT1 Camaro lately.  

Ny5: How did you find NY5THGEN?

ER: Shortly after I got Hawk, my friend and I went to a local car show at the St. Patrick’s RC Church in Smithtown, NY. That’s when I first met Cisco and his Bumblebee, as it was one of the featured cars for the show. Cisco told me about NY5THGEN and from there I became a member of this outstanding family.


Ny5: What is your favorite modification or dream modification?

ER: Hawk has had many different iterations and mods throughout the course of the years. We all know how the “modification bug” hits us when we first bought our cars. I’ve done little mods here and there, and changed a few things up. In the end, I happy with the way Hawk is now, which is basically stock: I’ve had Cisco powder coat my intake manifold red/black; I blacked out the roof after doing some rust repair; I have 2 10” subs in the trunk which adds just the right amount of bass to the Boston Acoustic system that came with the car; added the Havoc rear wing which makes the back look like a tail (fitting to the Hawk name); finally, and probably my favorite mod, is the axle-back Pypes exhaust. I love the sound and the pop it makes when I down shift. If I had my wish, my dream mod would be to add the 2012 ZL1 front facia. I absolutely love the way the car looks with that face; mean and aggressive. I almost had the opportunity to get it, but it fell through and I just never pursued it since. I wouldn’t mind doing an engine swap and maybe putting an LS3 in Hawk. I plan on keeping him for as long as possible, and with the amount of miles he has now, an engine swap may become reality; the question is, will my bank account allow such an extravagant dream? My dream of dreams for Hawk would for him to be redesigned by either Chip Foose or Dave Kindig. I’ve done a lot of binge-watching of Overhaulin’ and Bitchin’ Rides this past year. They are two masterminds of the car customization industry. I wouldn’t care what they did to him either because no matter what they did, it would be phenomenal.

Ny5: What is your favorite NY5THGEN Event?

ER:  Over the years, this family has done so many charitable things for various causes. That is what makes this more than just a club based on a car. Any kind of charity event we do, I’m all for, but if I had to pick a favorite, it’s the toy run we do for the NY Children’s hospital. I like it because it more personal than an event like “Toys for Tots.” By no means am I degrading that event, but our toy run hits home more directly. In years past, we got to see the children’s eyes light up as they walk into a room full of toys and have the choice to pick whatever they want. That’s a different kind of feeling than just dropping toys off at a location and not knowing who gets them. This year was a little different for obvious reasons, but we still did our toy run and the members here didn’t disappoint. We showed up big and I know the kids needed it even more this year.

Ny5 : What are your thoughts on the 6th gen Camaro?

ER: At first, I hated it. I did not like the design at all, especially with the front bowtie in the bumper and not in the grille. Now, it’s grown on me, but I have to say that I like the look of the front facia on the V6 Camaros over the V8 Camaros. It’s upsetting that GM may kill the Camaro again after the 2022 models, but I’d rather see that than a complete redesign like Ford has done with their electric Mustang, or whatever that is. I wouldn’t be opposed to an electric Camaro, if they keep it a sports car design.

Ny5: What feature or features would you like to see Chevrolet/Team Camaro add or delete from the Camaro?

ER: As I said, I wouldn’t mind an electric Camaro. I think Tesla has been blowing away the competition in that area, and BMW has an electric sports car too, so it would be nice to see GM come out with something cool like that. Hopefully they don’t just redesign the Volt and slap the Camaro nameplate on it.

Ny5: What is your favorite memory with your car so far?

ER: I don’t have just one; as cliché as that sounds. I drive my car every day and Hawk has about 164,000+ on him. I love that car and every mile I put on. I’ve gone on countless drives out east just for the fun of it. That car is a part of me and I’ll have him forever.

Ny5: Do you have any words of wisdom for the other Ny5thgen members?

ER: Some people understand the bond a person has with a car, and it doesn’t have to be a Camaro, but any car that someone loves. On the other hand, some people don’t understand that bond and think car guys/gals are nuts. That’s what makes the NY5THGEN family different. We started out with a group of 5 or so members and have grown throughout the years. Some members have come and gone and some have been around since day 1. Regardless, no matter who comes and goes, we all treat each other with respect and we are always willing to help one another out.Some members don’t even have a Camaro anymore, but that doesn’t matter. The club is driven by the members, not by the cars. The cars are only an extension of the person. That’s why I know this club will be around for a long time, because of the respect, admiration, and friendships built over the years. As Car of the Month for the first month in the new year, I wish everyone joy and prosperity and hope that everyone stays safe and happy in the new year.

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