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Car Of The Month - March 2022

For the month of March 2022, I would like to congratulate Angelo Vann and his 2011 Camaro SS "DaWidow".  As everyone knows, this club is not about the cars, as much as it is about the great people we have here.  Here is Angelo's story:

Mods & Special Features: 

Custom cam grind, ARH long tube headers and full exhaust,

NY5: What attracted you to the 5th gen Camaro?

        AV: The first car I purchased was a 67 Camaro and I sold it.  When Chevrolet decided to bring back the Camaro and it looked like the first gen Camaro; I said that I had to purchase one and I did.  Now I own a 2011 and a 1968 Camaro.

NY5: How did you find NY5THGEN?

       AV: I heard about NY5THGEN from a website called The club had a cruise to the Hot Rod Hotel located in Peekskill, NY; that’s where I met a few of the members and joined the club that day.

NY5: What is your favorite modification or dream modification for your car?

        AV: My favorite mod is a custom grind cam with long tube headers and full exhaust system by American Racing Headers and cut out by Noweeds.  My dream modification is to install a pro-charger.

NY5: What is your favorite NY5thgen event?

        AVThe day we drove to Orchard Beach Car show located in the Bronx, NY.  We met up at Whitestone Theatre parking lot and we cruised over to Orchard Beach and we were about 60 cars deep.  We showed up and showed out!

NY5: What are your thoughts on a 6th gen Camaro? And possibly a 7th gen?

        AV: I really like the 6THGEN Camaro; but my preference is the 5THGEN Camaro. 


NY5: What are your thoughts on the future Generation possibly becoming elelctric?

     AV: I prefer to hear the sound of a motor.  I don’t like electric cars.


NY5: What feature or features would you like to see Chevrolet/Team Camaro add or delete from the Camaro?

        AVI have no answer to this question, I just love the car.

NY5: What is your favorite memory with your car so far?

       AV: Going to the track; racing down a quarter mile driving as fast as I could in safe and legal environment.

NY5: Do you have any words of wisdom for the other Ny5thgen members?

        AV: Life is short, live it to the fullest; make many memories in your car!  BE SAFE!

Vann pic with Camaro_edited.jpg
Vann pass front Camaro.jpg
Vann pass rear Camaro.jpg
Vann 2011 & 68 Camaro.jpeg
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